My View

Parents & Students

Being the father of 5 children, all of who have attended or are attending Volusia County schools, Justin believes it takes the cooperation of students, parents, and teachers to ensure the success of our students. Parents should be involved in their child’s education.
This means having good two-way communication with their school and input into what will make their child succeed.
Students should be instructed on the importance of basic success strategies such as good attendance, completing assignments on time, and putting in a solid effort to achieve the best grades they can.


Students should also be taught both at home and at school to treat their teachers and other students with respect.
Poor discipline in the classroom takes away valuable instructional time for all students. 
Teachers need to be allowed to enforce the district discipline policy when necessary.  Administrators and Parents alike should be ready to support their teachers during these instances.
Having been married to a teacher for over 27 years, I know that teachers care deeply for their students.  They are hard-working and dedicated employees.  Most go above and beyond what is expected only to ensure their students have everything they need to succeed.  The teachers in our district deserve our support as parents and community members.  Teachers deserve fair pay, fewer burdens, and more administrative support.  As a board member, I will pledge my full support to this effort.


Bullies in the school environment are nothing new. However, as a school district, we should have in place a strong anti-bully policy and an administration who is willing to enforce it. 
As we’ve all witnessed, extreme bullying events have devastating effects on young people. Sometimes even resulting in tragedy.
We should all be committed to removing bullying from our schools.

School Safety

Todays complex world has presented more challenges when it comes to keeping our kids safe while at school. 
Violence on school campus’ across our country has risen to a level that requires school districts to invest in and maintain new and expensive security policies. 
I think we’d all wish this weren’t the case but hopefully we all agree that our children are just too important now to do so. I support a robust and comprehensive security policy for all our schools.


The school district requires a significant investment from our county taxpayers. 
Having raised my family here in the community, I know firsthand that there are many demands on our family resources. 
Tax payments must be kept as low as possible while still providing an excellent education for our children.
As a board member, I will always consider the impact of each budget item on each and every taxpayer in the county. 
As a member of the Edgewater City Council and member of the 1/2 cent sales tax committee, I always kept taxpayers in mind as we made budget decisions.
As a business owner for the past 30 years, I have plenty of experience in keeping expenses low while providing the best service I can to my customers. 

Teacher & Staff Shortage

The teaching and educational support professionals are certainly among those who are experiencing a significant shortage in personnel.
Looking forward, school districts will have to find new ways to recruit and retain teachers and support staff.
As a business owner for over 30 years, I have faced staff shortages often. It requires perseverance and creativity to attract qualified new people. The job market is very competitive and young professionals have many opportunities as they choose their careers. The school district must recognize this fact and be proactive.
I believe my experience in business will give me an edge in creating policies for recruitment and retention.