Justin Kennedy

Volusia County School Board
Candidate~District 3

My Promise:

What makes a community great is when its people come together for a common cause.

In Southeast Volusia, our most important common cause is our children, their safety, and their success.

We know that quality education is essential to their future success.

As a community we must ensure that our children, our future generations have all the necessary resources to become parents themselves. To become leaders, workers, armed service members and so much more…

It is our children who bring us together, that we find a common cause.  It’s our mutual desire to see them all live happy, safe, and rewarding lives.

My passion lies with our children, our community, and their mutual success.

As your school board member, I promise to always work together with all parents, students, teachers, and other community members for our most important common cause, our CHILDREN.

Justin Kennedy

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Justin Kennedy, Candidate for Volusia County School Board, District 3

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